Research & Benchmarking
We are experts in analyzing the external ecosystem that influences the growth and business strategies of global companies. We specialize in examining the external environment and how it affects the expansion and business plans of multinational corporations. Our expertise lies in the investigation of end-markets, demand-supply dynamics, competitors, customers, supply chains, technologies, social/innovation trends, and disruptions to the industry as a whole. "companies Researching end-markets, demand-supply dynamics, competitors, customers, supply-chains, technologies, social / innovation trends, and industry disruptions are our forte.

As one of the consulting firms, Circle Consulting is the only global research and advisory firm empowering financial institutions, Private Equity and high-potential start ups with intelligence and insights to make better business decisions.

We specialise in examining how a company’s external environment affects its long-term growth and profitability.

A wide range of strategic objectives can be met by drawing on our experience and expertise. Learn more about the market research and business consulting services we offer. How do we help you answer the most important questions?

As a result of this (Sizing, understanding new market opportunities)
In other words, a plan of action (Your business in the future)
Customers are the focus of this section (Better experience, more loyalty, more sales)
Keeping tabs on the competition and the market (Timely, actionable insights to drive tactical decisions)


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