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Circle Consulting

Our Objective

Circle Consulting Objective

is to deliver strategic financial consulting services that are unbiased, non-conflicted, and focused on value creation

Our Role

Strategy Consulting

Whenever necessary, Circle Consulting brings in experts in specific fields to support and enhance the capabilities of client management teams. In order to help our clients achieve their goals, we rely on our experience and knowledge.

Project Management

When necessary, Circle Consulting brings in experts in specific fields to support and enhance the capabilities of our clients' management teams.. Experience and expertise are two of the most valuable assets we have to offer our clients.

Advisory Services

Clients benefit from Circle Consulting's clear and transformative advisory services as well as the facilitation of strategic partnerships and other value-added initiatives. Circle Consulting works with clients to establish cohesive overarching commercial strategies and frameworks for new projects or clients, working with the client management, their existing advisors, and legal team to put in place a world standard suite of required processes, redundancies, or other operational requirements. As part of our services, we bring together potential investors, negotiate and finalise commercial terms to a standard that would allow the financing of the project to be syndicated, if necessary.

Our Role


Using Circle Consulting's global network, clients can identify and engage with new opportunity sets and clients. We are able to put our clients in the best possible position to win new business and add additional value to ongoing projects, ensuring a smooth process and "soft" landing, thanks to our extensive network in both developing and emerging markets.

Company Valuations

When it comes to valuing businesses, we provide input into the creation of business plans and are recognised as credible experts in the field.

Capital Markets & Project Finance

Circle Consulting's team has a proven track record of successfully raising project equity, identifying suitable strategic partners, and overseeing projects from start to finish. Clients will benefit from Circle Consulting's extensive experience in delivering tailored advisory and capital markets services. It is possible that Circle Consulting team members may also be able to identify potential equity and debt investors. Using its extensive network of investors and partners, Circle Consulting helps clients find the right partners and collaborates closely with their management teams and outside advisors to negotiate and structure their equity and debt financing requirements.

Delivering results

We Ensure True Assistance And Improvement

True results are achieved through strategic decisions and actions that are tailored to our clients’ specific circumstances.
All of our work is done with the goal of making a measurable difference.

Best experts

Industry Expertise

It is our mission to help public and private organisations develop strategies that will ensure long-term success and high performance since our inception.

Circle Consulting


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Bilal Ahmad
Partner & CEO
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Mohsen AlZahrani
Partner and COO



Circle Consulting has a long history of working with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations. Circle Consulting also has a strong commitment to social values relating to business, friendship, the arts, and civic engagement. I'm going to be honest with you.br This is what we bring to the table in terms of value: We have a solid teamwork, trusting relationships, and personalised care because we work together every day.


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